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The Dream Meanings of Falling

January 19, 2024


Falling (in dreams) can sometimes have a physical origin, for instance, when blood pressure drops significantly during sleep leading to reduced brain circulation, which can even cause awakening. If this occurs frequently, a thorough cardiovascular examination may be advisable. Often, dreams about falling symbolize dangers on one’s life path; they partly stem from losing self-confidence or the need to abandon solid plans, opinions, and convictions. When the dreamer forgets who they are and where they come from, in other words, loses touch with themselves, this is expressed in typical dreams of falling. They fall back to the ground of reality. Sometimes, the dreams also signify arrogance that precedes a fall. Stumbling, slipping, or falling down in a dream has a different meaning than just falling. It means that the dreamer is facing temporary problems. Those who fall into an abyss experience fears of not fitting into their environment, but in the dream, they can let go without having to consider others. They should then seriously confront their personality, perhaps becoming more optimistic and responsible. The imagery of falling in dreams generally signals fear of life, self-doubt, and insecurity, but can also represent a loss of reputation and power. Falling in a dream can also be a warning against recklessness and superficiality. If a parachute opens during the fall, it removes the life-threatening aspect of the situation and indicates a desire to overcome the fear of falling. Dreams combining falling and flying are not uncommon. According to Freud, falling dreams usually have a sexual meaning (he probably thought of the ‘fallen’ girls). They point to inner inhibitions and difficulties in interpersonal relationships.


Spiritual fear is depicted in such a dream. However, the horrific fall into the depths is very often accompanied by an indefinable feeling of relief.

Cultural Interpretations


  • From a tree: your honor will be offended.
  • From a height: do not set your expectations too high.
  • Into a dark depth: someone intends to ruin you.
  • Falling into an endless abyss: after overcoming several difficulties, you will achieve your goal.
  • Tripping over an object and injuring yourself: dangerous temptations.
  • On flat ground: you will suffer disadvantage due to carelessness.
  • From a staircase: loss of wealth.
  • Into water: often illness, which becomes more life-threatening if you are swept away and drown.
  • Into a swampy ditch: you will be insulted.
  • Into a ditch: you will gain a bad reputation.
  • Seeing oneself falling: there is a risk of stumbling into an unpleasant situation.
  • Feeling the fall: no ominous meaning – we have slipped back into our bodies too quickly.
  • Seeing someone else: the meanings apply to the person who falls.
  • Seeing others fall: you benefit from others’ misfortune.


  • From a great height: signifies a loss of honor and wealth, often represents a sudden misfortune with losses, can also mean being ‘taken by surprise’ or being disappointed.
  • Into the depths: means that one can achieve something with energy.
  • Falling in general: signifies danger, stumbling into an unpleasant situation.
  • Falling and being very frightened: enduring fierce struggles and eventually achieving honor and wealth.
  • Falling and getting injured: signifies distress and loss of friends, also warns against malicious intentions that will be exposed and can only cause harm.
  • Into water: indicates danger.
  • Into a ditch: one will gain a bad reputation.
  • Over an object: one will gain insight into something.
  • Stumbling without falling: one will stumble at an obstacle but will happily overcome it.
  • On bare ground: announces inconveniences.
  • Seeing others: one will be able to expose enemies and enviers.
  • Falling into a ditch: warns of a loss of reputation that one has caused oneself.
  • Falling over a stone or other object: one will come across an insight important for further life.


  • Seeing someone: take an example from your fellow human beings.
  • On flat ground: your wishes will be fulfilled.
  • Into a ditch: people will speak ill of you.
  • And being able to cling on: good times ahead.
  • And suffering damage: you harbor evil thoughts within you.
  • From a height: you will have misfortune in gambling.

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