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The Dream Meanings of Fishing and Fishing Rods

January 28, 2024


Fishing indicates that you are in a state of mental equilibrium or will soon regain it. An indication that one should never lose patience. In general, fishing symbolizes the search or striving for recognition, success, superiority or material possessions. For a more detailed interpretation of a fishing dream, the objects being fished, the nature of the water and the feelings of the dreamer while fishing are important. Anyone casting a line in a dream also wants to ‘land something’ or ‘fish for someone’ in waking life – a quick success, a desired partner, etc. Or you want to force a (desired) person, who refuses, into a relationship of dependence (sexually). A dream that expresses a strong desire for power or sadomasochistic preferences. If something bites on the hook, a favorable turn is in sight. If you pull fish out of clear water, this promises success and luck for the time to come. If the water you are fishing in is murky and dirty, this may be a warning of intrigues and similar dark machinations that you yourself may be involved in or that you may become entangled in. But if you fish on dry land, you are wasting precious time on useless things.

Cultural Interpretations


  • General fishing: Striving for possessions, success, or recognition.
  • Seeing a fishing rod: Beware of deceivers and deceit.
  • Casting a line: Longing for a life partner.
  • Fishing line: You are doing the right thing that leads to success, persevere in your work.
  • Fishing yourself: Do not waste your time on unproductive work; you are restless and impatient, which is pointless and won’t lead to success.
  • Catching a fish: Promises success in some matter.
  • Seeing an angler: You will receive a marriage proposal; someone is waiting for you.


  • Seeing a fishing rod: Warns of deception and failure of a plan; it’s better to cancel an important appointment and postpone it to avoid making a hasty decision that might be regretted later.
  • Seeing a fishing rod in water: Disappointment in a dear endeavor.
  • Seeing an angler: You are closer to wealth than expected.
  • An angler casting a line at you: Beware of deceivers.
  • Seeing others fishing: Opportunity for good companionship.
  • Casting a fishing line yourself: Longing for a life partner.
  • Sitting and fishing at a calm lake: Emotional balance will soon be restored.
  • Catching big fish from clear water: Luck and success in an important matter.
  • Wading through water as an angler and catching many fish: Acquiring great wealth through diligence.


  • You will be invited to the wedding of one of your friends.

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