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The Dream Meanings of Fruits

January 27, 2024


Fruit is understood in a similar way to fruit – it is often associated with sexual needs, but is also a sign of richness of thought, success and happy turns in everyday life.


The type of fruit can play a major role in dreams. In general, fruit in a dream is a sign of the dreamer’s erotic-sexual needs. It depends on the condition of the fruit. If the fruit is fresh, ripe and appetizing, it symbolizes the dreamer’s zest for life, sexual enjoyment and self-confidence or the desire for it. However, if the fruit is rotten and inedible, this image expresses insecurity, deprivation and sexual disappointment.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing appetizing, ripe fruit: indicates a pleasant surprise, stands for self-confidence and joy in life, symbolizes the maturing of plans or ventures,
  • Rotten or worm-eaten: suffering from insecurity related to the opposite sex,
  • Letting it rot: wasting your fortune and skills, danger,
  • Eating sweet fruit: a symbol of romantic experiences,
  • Eating ripe fruit: finding abundant nourishment and good health, much luck ahead, also: you are considering your plans with good friends,
  • Eating unripe fruit: minor illness, also: undertaking something now will bring harm, you should wait a bit longer,
  • On trees: good business prospects, having all possibilities in life,
  • Giving away: you gain in love and friendship,
  • In a bowl: soon you will have a visitor,
  • In baskets: good progress,
  • Receiving a basket full: fear of being rejected in a love proposal,
  • Shaking and picking up: you have good neighbors,
  • Collecting: good business and profit prospects,
  • Having in large quantities: achieving what you desire or aspire to, much profit,
  • Buying: you will invest your money wisely.


  • Almost invariably understood as a sexual symbol, in the clearest and strongest form,
  • Seeing on trees: announces successes, promises well-being,
  • Seeing in baskets, bowls, etc.: good business, one will have guests or be invited,
  • Eating in general: represents the desire for romantic experiences,
  • Ripe, sweet, and tasty fruits: wealth and luck, successful progress or realization of a plan,
  • Sour, bitter ones: a sign of discomfort or illness, difficulties in an endeavor,
  • Seeing or eating unripe: indicates illness,
  • Overripe falling or lying on the ground: missed important opportunities,
  • Seeing rotten: caution to not be ridiculed or mocked over something, dissatisfaction with the development in a relationship,
  • Seeing in a shop or stand: advantageous business deals are in the making,
  • Offering: courting someone’s favor,
  • Being offered: warning against a temptation or seduction,
  • Receiving a fruit basket: secretly fearing rejection in love,
  • Offering oneself: earnestly trying to gain someone else’s favor,
  • Trying to shake from a tree without it falling: a reminder that violence achieves nothing,
  • Picking from a tree: promises good progress,
  • Shaking from a tree: one should be more forceful in a matter,
  • Picking up from the ground: will be richly rewarded for a small effort,
  • Preserving: will be saved from an unnecessary expense,
  • Seeing preserved: in times of need, one will have savings,
  • Cooking or preparing oneself: promises profit in a new venture,
  • Seeing cooked or prepared: signifies a beneficial change.




  • On the tree: you have good prospects,
  • Eating: the people around you are not well-disposed towards you,
  • Giving away: you will soon make a profit.

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