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The Dream Meanings of Gold

January 14, 2024


Gold in a dream points to the best and most valuable aspects of one’s personality. If the dreamer finds gold in their dream, it means that they can discover these characteristics within themselves. Gold, like money, can stand for potency, prestige, influence, and power, but it suggests that all these will be enduring. Valuable emotional and spiritual qualities often appear in various forms as gold. Further meanings can be derived from the following circumstances:

  • Seeing or possessing gold indicates secure wealth and great prestige.
  • Owning a lot of gold represents an unconscious striving to advance under all circumstances. However, one should not build too many castles in the air that cannot be realized.
  • Finding gold is considered a general symbol of luck, especially for important interpersonal relationships.
  • Burying gold shows that one is trying to hide something.
  • Spending gold can indicate financial worries but also luck in a partnership.
  • Losing gold, according to old dream books, warns of the loss of a loyal person.
  • Washing gold promises success, but it requires hard work.
  • Wearing gold jewelry sometimes warns of a frivolous attitude focused on external glimmer.
  • A golden calf suggests a materialistic attitude.


Gold always has a positive meaning in dreams, representing preciousness, wholeness, and completeness. Gold can also represent the sacred aspect of a person in dreams. The dreamer recognizes incorruptibility, wisdom, patience, and care in themselves. In dreams, gold rarely stands for material wealth. More often, it symbolizes the spiritual or emotional richness a person possesses. Human culture developed in a way with the first findings of gold. It was considered sacred in the past because it was seen as a message from the gods; this also explains why the possession of gold was only allowed for priests and kings for centuries. Because gold withstands all weather influences, it was a symbol of the highest values and immortality for our ancestors. This archetypal male symbol, comparable to the sun, releases new mental and emotional energies.

  • If the dreamer is given gold or finds it in a dream, it means that they will gain new insights and experiences, or it indicates an expansion of consciousness.
  • If the dreamer gives away gold, they must exercise restraint in their waking life.


On this level, gold in a dream stands for spirituality on a high level.


If someone, man or woman, dreams that he is made of gold, he will be sold if he is a slave, so that he will be weighed out with silver or gold; a poor person will become rich, so that gold and silver will surround him, but a rich person will be exposed to attacks, because all gold and silver attracts numerous rogues. But the dream face prophesies death to every sick person with certainty. Few things are prophesied by few things: For example, someone dreamed that he had eyes of gold. The man went blind because gold is incompatible with the eyes. Someone dreamed that he received two loaves of bread from Helios – he remained alive for just as many days – because the sustenance granted to him by the god was sufficient for such a period. One suffers the same fate if one dreams of being made of gold or of finding treasure. A man who had two unmarried daughters dreamed that one had a golden Aphrodite tied to her head and the other had a vine sprouting from her head.Von diesen heiratete die erstere, während die letztere starb,- denn Aphrodite war das Symbol der Ehe und der Kinderzeugung nach dem Worte Homers: ‘Du aber gehe nur nach liebreizenden Werken der Ehe’ (Ilias 5,429). Das Gebinde aber bezeichnete das Unauflösliche der Ehe,- der Weinstock dagegen versinnbildlichte, weil er aus der Erde hervorsprießt, den Tod, der die andere dahinraffen sollte – in Erde lösen sich auch die Körper auf -, und weil der Weinstock zur Zeit seiner vollsten Reife der Frucht beraubt wird. Es träumte jemand, er trage auf den Schultern eine Menge glänzenden Goldes. Er erblindete infolge des strahlenden Glanzes des Goldes,- wie zu erwarten war, blendete es die Sehkraft des Tragenden.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing or possessing: achieve desired success.
  • Finding: you will receive an inheritance; unexpected financial gain.
  • Wearing: assert a fickle mind; also: you will be distinguished and honored.
  • Having counterfeit (unminted) gold: prosperity and happiness.
  • Having counterfeit (minted) gold: harbor mistrust.
  • Losing: suffer loss of wealth; also: you will find true happiness.
  • Stealing: experience disgrace; you will have no luck in gambling.
  • Giving away: receive an invitation.
  • Searching: you have bad luck in love.
  • Spending or paying: dispute with acquaintances.
  • Distributing: a warning to be more discreet in the future.
  • Washing: small successes bring wealth.
  • Digging for it: you will hardly find your luck.
  • Burying: trying to hide your true face.
  • Forging: do not be led to unjust deeds; also: you are establishing a household.
  • Seeing in bars: experience annoyances.


  • Gold represents future times of prosperity and well-being. However, these will not last long, and soon times of renunciation will follow.
  • “Gold” conveys that we should not rely too much on the shine of some superficialities – true happiness is ultimately found only in non-material values.


  • Almost always in the same sense as money, but even more associated with the synonym of transience,
  • Seeing: is a good sign and promises that our endeavors will be successful,
  • Seeing a lot: a dream of the opposite, experiencing bad experiences and disappointments,
  • Possessing: building too many castles in the air and trying to forcefully advance professionally and financially,
  • Gold nuggets: an excellent omen for wealth and honor,
  • Finding: luck through inheritance; you will find someone who loves you sincerely; also: your own extraordinary abilities will bring you wealth,
  • Finding a gold vein: you will receive a disturbing honor,
  • Considering working in a gold mine: you want to unjustly appropriate the rights of others and should beware of private scandals,
  • Gold leaf: a future lies ahead that will flatter one’s self-esteem,
  • Digging: you will not find your luck where you hope,
  • Cleaning or washing: you will work your way up,
  • Forging: prosperity,
  • Wearing: be careful; it means a superficial lifestyle,
  • For a woman wearing a golden dress: she will receive a beautiful but insincere promise,
  • Wearing gold or gold-adorned clothing: a good omen,
  • Receiving as a gift: disgrace and poverty,
  • Giving away: you will be invited to a wedding,
  • Distributing to others: one should be more discreet in the near future,
  • Paying with it: estrangement from friends,
  • Spending: you are being robbed or cheated; signifies a loss,
  • Losing: you will miss the greatest opportunity of your life due to negligence,
  • Stealing: you will receive bad news; no luck in gambling,
  • Dancing around a golden calf: having a far too superficial and materialistic worldview,
  • If a woman receives a gift of gold, either coins or jewelry, she will marry a rich, but profit-driven man.


  • Wearing: danger, cunning ambush.
  • Spending: good days for you and your friends.
  • Finding: happy days.
  • Receiving as a gift: you will fall into poverty and disgrace.
  • Stealing: you will receive good news.
  • Losing: you will lose respect or your loved one.
  • Giving away: someone wants to seek your advice.

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