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The Dream Meanings of Jewelry

January 12, 2024


Jewelry usually indicates that the dreamer owns or could own something valuable in life. If another person gives him jewelry, this documents the appreciation he has for the dreamer; if the dreamer gives jewelry as a gift, this means that he has something to offer other people. Jewelry in a dream represents the qualities he has acquired through difficult experiences, which he appreciates in himself and can easily show to other people. Jewelry can also symbolize love that the dreamer gives or receives. If a woman gives jewelry to a man, it is a sign that she is attracted to him.


In reality, jewelry is a status symbol. In dreams, it can express the desire for affection and recognition, but also, if you dream of very much or very impressive jewelry, it can be an indication of the dreamer’s striving for recognition, vanity or rather unrealistic desires. Jewelry (adornment) illustrates that one does not present oneself sincerely to the outside world, but tends to exaggerate and overestimate oneself because one strives for prestige and recognition. Those who put on jewelry in dreams also want to adorn themselves in conscious life in order to distract others from their own faults. If we give away jewelry, we want to force a cordial relationship with our environment because we are perhaps not too convinced of ourselves and our abilities. Jewelry in dreams is often a symbol of the feelings that the dreamer has for himself. It plays a role whether the jewelry is valuable, whether it is a fake or cheap costume jewelry. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the dreamer’s self-esteem or how he is regarded by other people.


On the spiritual level, jewelry in dreams represents honor and self-respect without the vanity often associated with it.

Cultural Interpretations


  • If one dreams of wearing a necklace of gemstones and pearls, they will attain a very high state office and govern the people well; if they lose or break the necklace, they will lose their office and dignity.
  • If it seems to them that the gemstones and pearls have been stolen from them, they will govern the people poorly.
  • Wearing a golden pouch on the chest predicts distress, oppression, and illness; if the dreamer removes the pouch, they will shake off the distress.
  • If someone wears earrings, they will unite beauty with power and, due to the ears, father a daughter.
  • If it seems to one that they wear a belt of gold, gemstones, and pearls or a sash, they will achieve great power, a good name, rich possessions, and a son who will bring them honor in the middle of their life.
  • If one is given several silver works of different kinds, secrets will be entrusted to them, and they will gain power and wealth according to the number of pieces; if these treasures are handed to them in a bag or another container, a secret will be entrusted to them along with money for safekeeping.
  • If one receives a silver sash from someone and wears it, they will travel on an official mission with the imperial express post, complete it well, and come to wealth.
  • If someone wears massive pearls on both ears, they will find joy in their daughters and wife; the ears represent women.
  • If someone melts gold or silver in a furnace or in a pit, they will be accused and punished by the ruler.
  • If one finds a silver ornament, they will be plagued by distress and deceptive worries.
  • If one acquires a number of large pearls, they will find wisdom, knowledge, and joy in their house according to their number. Pearls represent joy and wisdom according to their size. If they are a number of small pearls, the wisdom and joy will be of a lesser degree. Often, all this also means fear of the authorities.
  • If one adorns their garment or coat with pearls and gemstones, they will gain joy and even more power if they are a ruler; a commoner will tremble and shiver before the authorities, as this adornment is only befitting emperors and rulers.
  • If one dreams of finding a hyacinth, they will marry a woman for love; if they buy the gemstone by weight, they will enter into a marriage contract with her and discover malice and quarrelsomeness in her.
  • If one takes a golden wreath from a dead person or a grave and it seems to them that its stones have faded, they will gain money and wealth from a hostile ruler.
  • If someone swallows a pearl, they will gain wisdom and be powerful in word and deed.
  • If one steps or walks on pearls and gemstones, they will, blinded, arrogantly scorn their faith; if it seems to them that they buy them to possess them, they will be a protector of the right faith.
  • Seeing: you have many wishes, but only a few will be fulfilled.
  • Buying: you are extravagant.
  • Owning: if you want to keep your money, be more frugal with it.
  • Wearing: your vanity is noticeable.
  • Seeing others wear it: it’s important not to misjudge yourself and not to be dazzled.
  • Being gifted: appreciation will be shown by other people; joy and happiness.
  • Giving away: one wishes to offer or positively influence a close person; also: the love is not genuine.
  • Adorning oneself with it: one tends to get excessively upset over trivial things.
  • Losing: disputes and trouble.
  • Finding: a new love is on the horizon.


  • Seeing jewelry: Your loved one is indecisive; don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.
  • Broken: Indicates bitter disappointment regarding one of your deepest wishes.
  • Severely damaged: You will be betrayed by false friends; business worries are approaching.
  • Wearing: One should not be so vain and arrogant, as this does not win friends.
  • Seeing on others: One is too easily dazzled by other people and completely misjudges them.


  • Pearls: Happiness and contentment in old age.
  • Silver: Discontent and illness.
  • Seeing: Vanity brings heartache.
  • Wearing: Luck, satisfaction.

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