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The Dream Meanings of Lawyers

January 28, 2024


In dreams, he helps us to straighten things out and thus points to an impasse in our waking life – often it also indicates impending disputes. Pay attention to whether the dream image concludes the consultation


Symbolic figure for a pronounced need for fair (or – according to one’s own ideas – correct) self-assessment and treatment of oneself. One pays particular attention to ensuring that one does not fall victim to misjudgement. One resolutely defends everything that one considers to be right (for oneself and one’s own way of life). In addition, you intend to assert just claims.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: Large expenses are ahead of you.
  • Interacting with him: Grief and worries.
  • Seeing him walking: Quarrels and disputes are impending.


  • Interacting and negotiating with him: Suggests disputes or official confrontations; also, there might be a wrong that needs to be rectified, and now might be the right time to do so.
  • Seeing: One must clarify and resolve a legal matter.
  • The lawyer wearing a black robe: Unfortunately, does not promise any improvement in the current situation.
  • If a young woman has any dealings with a lawyer, she will act tactlessly without realizing it, thus becoming the victim of negative and embarrassing criticism.


  • Seeing: Do good and do not regret it.
  • Talking with him: Be cautious with legal proceedings.
  • In a robe: Pay attention to your honor.

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