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The Dream Meanings of Metal

January 14, 2024


Most metals have symbolic meanings. Gold represents the sun, silver the moon, mercury Mercury, copper Venus, iron Mars, tin Jupiter and lead Saturn. Metal sometimes symbolizes prosperity, but more often constancy, hardness and consistent action. A metal in a dream represents limitations in the real world. On the other hand, it can also refer to basic abilities and attitudes or to emotional rigidity and hardness of feeling.


Generally (and traditionally) also in dreams a symbol for stability of value, wealth, material success (see gold, brass etc.) In addition, the symbolism used in language also comes into play in dreams: someone shows ‘iron will’, others are ‘paralyzed by leaden fear’. You can be as lively as quicksilver – or have ‘iron principles’. All that glitters is not gold – and romantic feelings are awakened in the silver moonlight – etc. The interpretation of dreams often lies in these generally known comparative terms. You certainly don’t often dream of a pure piece of metal – unless it’s a gold bar: this is the dream of wealth – in the REM phase as in real life.


On this level, metals represent spiritual elements.

Cultural Interpretations

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  • Seeing or having: depending on its greater or lesser value, signifies more or less significant gain,
  • Old: wealth in prospect,
  • New: good position and honor,
  • Working on it: hard work with good earnings.

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  • Generally signifies wealth.

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