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The Dream Meanings of Money

January 14, 2024


In dreams, money does not necessarily represent hard currency, but rather symbolizes the way the dreamer values themselves. When this symbol appears in a dream, it may indicate that the dreamer needs to assess their worth more carefully. The dreamer also becomes aware of the price they have to ‘pay’ for their behavior and desires. Money is also interpreted as a symbol of sexual potency, as well as power and influence. The exact meaning can be derived from the following circumstances in the dream:

  • Possessing money can warn against reckless spending, but it can also indicate that one will lose respect and influence; sometimes pride is also evident in this.
  • Spending money promises success and financial gains.
  • Finding money shows that one can still prevent a loss or other damage.
  • Losing money often signifies a failure, but it is not too severe.
  • Winning money also warns of failures and losses.
  • Changing money often indicates an uncertain future.
  • Counting money can announce a gain that one will receive for good work.


Wealth or poverty. Important are the origin of the money, the place where it is received, found, or lost, its colors, and its numbers (see there). Under certain conditions, a dream about money can be connected with the dreamer’s assessment of power and sexuality. Some psychoanalysts believe that money, especially gold coins, is a sign of men’s performance in love and life, while silver coins represent an orientation towards the feminine; for women, money almost always involves erotic speculation. Those who have money have power; powerful men are, after all, the ideal of women. A woman longs for a man who can provide her with security and satisfaction through his strength and power. Money can represent personal resources in a material or spiritual sense, but also the dreamer’s potential for success. Paper money or coins symbolize more or less emotional, psychological energy, dealing with emotional values, potency or impotence, gain or loss.

  • It is a positive sign if the dreamer unexpectedly finds money, indicating that their internal battery should be recharged, but the context of the dream must be considered, as it refers to the corresponding emotional value.
  • On the other hand, if the dreamer loses money, it is a sign that they are actually losing certain qualities and abilities, or some of their emotional driving forces that they are not using.
  • Moonlight is often described as silver, therefore, in dreams, silver coins, like the moon itself, symbolize a feminine aspect.


On this level, money in dreams stands for the exchange of spiritual knowledge or, in the form of capital, for the result of past undertakings.


Some say that money and coins as a whole mean misfortune – according to my observations, small, copper coins cause disagreements and hurtful words, while silver coins signify agreements in contracts about important matters, and gold coins about even more important ones. It is always better to have little wealth and money than too much, because great wealth means worry and sorrow, because it is just as difficult to manage as treasure. If someone who is now destitute or poor dreams that he once again has money and goods at his disposal that he once possessed, or people he had in the days of prosperity, he is in luck – it means the return of his former splendid circumstances. If someone who is now rich dreams that he again has at his disposal the money and goods he once possessed, or the people he had in days of destitution or poverty, this indicates many adversities and poverty.The emperor, a temple, a soldier, an imperial letter, a piece of silver and the like are signs that alternately stand for each other. Stratonikos dreamed that he was trampling the emperor underfoot. On leaving the house, he found a piece of gold that he had accidentally stepped on – it made no difference whether he was trampling or kicking the emperor or his image. Our compatriot Kratinos received money in a dream,- he became administrator of the income of the imperial temple. Zoilos dreamt that he was the superintendent of public works – he became treasurer of the imperial treasury. Someone dreamed that he had no money and was depressed about it. He suffered a stroke and died. The outcome was to be expected, for he had no more means to live.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: falling into temptation; also: you will face great distress,
  • Seeing a lot: longing for an improvement in circumstances,
  • Earning: losing peace due to external circumstances,
  • Finding: suffering damage,
  • Finding on the street: being heavily burdened by debts,
  • Losing: experiencing annoyance and unpleasantness,
  • Spending: you will suffer losses,
  • Losing in gambling or not winning: unrequited love,
  • Winning in a game: experiencing luck in love,
  • Counting: you will become rich,
  • Receiving counterfeit money: experiencing disloyalty,
  • Exchanging: you will change your position.


  • For men, money symbolizes capability in love and life, while for women, it almost always symbolizes erotic speculation.
  • Seeing: signifies existing temptations that must be overcome; also suggests sudden expenses.
  • Seeing a lot of money: longing for an improvement in life circumstances.
  • Looking at a sum of money: indicates that luck and wealth are within reach.
  • Seeing foreign money: one will start a very risky venture.
  • Shiny gold money brings prosperity.
  • Silver money: promises good business.
  • Copper money: brings worries.
  • Paper money: signifies hate and revenge.
  • Possessing: suggests arrogance.
  • Finding on the street: too many debts weigh on the conscience.
  • Finding: indicates great embarrassment; also: one will be saved from a sensitive loss; also promises small worries but great luck; changes will follow; also: sudden success, but it may turn out to be disappointing.
  • Finding a bundle of money and a young woman claiming it’s hers: one will suffer losses in a matter due to a friend’s interference; one will realize that they have spent money recklessly and beyond their means; this dream warns to be cautious not to spend all the money before payday.
  • Earning: brings luck in love.
  • Receiving: warns against generosity.
  • Receiving: success is indicated, but through hard work.
  • Seeing a money courier: one should not constantly rely on others and wait for their help.
  • Borrowing: a very bad sign.
  • Spending: brings unexpected gratitude.
  • Giving away: wealth will easily come.
  • Losing: means tears; foretells misfortune, but it will pass quickly; also: experiencing unhappy hours; things look bleak; a warning not to make business deals now.
  • Giving to a beggar: promises great profit.
  • Winning: signifies nothing good.
  • Exchanging: instability in trade; also: difficulties due to one’s own mistakes.
  • Paying out: one will reap a reward; also: signifies misfortune; receiving gold predicts wealth and unclouded pleasure.
  • Counting: one will have a good income.
  • Counting and finding a deficit: upcoming payments will cause worries.
  • Stealing money oneself: one is in danger and should act more thoughtfully.
  • Saving: wealth will increase, but only through hard work.
  • Swallowing: one is likely to become greedy.
  • Seeing counterfeit money: having a dispute with an unworthy and rough person; these dreams always foretell something bad, whether one receives or circulates counterfeit money; also: being asked for help by someone who will then prove to be a good friend.
  • If a woman often dreams of money, she longs for a man who can provide her with security and happiness through his power and strength. The money also has erotic significance and represents the ‘reserve of female erotic attraction.


  • Spending: you will have good income.
  • Counterfeit: you will be cheated out of an inheritance.
  • Finding: you will have luck in traveling, luck in gambling.
  • Receiving as a gift: beware of large expenses.
  • Counting: you need to dismiss an intrusive person.
  • Seeing a lot of money: unexpected wealth.
  • Counting: you will earn a lot.
  • Losing: you will fail at a task.
  • Borrowing: worries, embarrassment.

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