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The Dream Meanings of Monkeys / Apes

January 12, 2024


The monkey very often appears as a dream symbol. It stands for the uncivilized, materialistically oriented, animalistic-primitive human being without spiritual interests – it can contain the invitation to develop and mature. It is the shadow of our ego, the caricature of our self. In our latitudes, the monkey no longer has anything of the animal in Indian dream interpretations, in which it was considered sacred, but often describes our drives and passions in the sense in which it appears to us in the dream image that is made clear to us by the unconscious. Sometimes it also refers to the fear that our fellow human beings might judge us to be worse than we really are or make fun of us. In the Middle Ages, the monkey was often equated with the devil because it embodied the animalistic, which was considered sinful in the Middle Ages. In ancient times, however, the monkey belonged to Thoth, the god of death, and was worshipped along with him. In this era, the ape was seen as a reminder that although humans differ from animals in their spirit, they are just as mortal in body.To be able to interpret a dream in which a monkey appears, one must pay attention to the action of the monkey. The action can refer to a sexual problem: For example, if the monkey appears as a sexual symbol, it may mean that an erotic connection lacks emotional depth. Being bitten by a monkey means that flatterers may try to dupe us. If playful monkeys swing agilely from branch to branch, the dreamer (usually unconsciously) longs for the carefree life of childhood. This is a frequent dream of people who say they had to ‘grow up far too early’). However, the dream symbol of the monkey can also simply mean that the dreamer has too strong a tendency to ‘ape’ others, i.e. to imitate them. If the monkey changes in the dream, for example if it takes on a human face, this is a very positive sign: The dreamer becomes aware of his animality.


The dog-monkey means a fellow who knows all the tricks, and a juggler. The baboon means the same as the dog-monkey, but also prophesies illness, usually the so-called holy one, because it is sacred to Selene, and the ancients say that this illness is also sacred to Selene.

Cultural Interpretations


  • If someone dreams of fighting with their monkey, they will encounter a cunning, malicious, but powerless enemy at home, and the person who wins in the dream will also triumph in reality; if they kill the monkey, they will drive the aforementioned person from their house.
  • If the monkey is a stranger to them, an enemy will sneak into their life through the deceit and trickery of others.
  • If someone dreams of an aggressive monkey biting or clawing them, they will be severely tormented by a villain and fall seriously ill.
  • Being bitten by a monkey unexpectedly signifies love for young people and illness for older ones.
  • Eating monkey meat brings illness and plagues.
  • If someone finds a monkey’s fur, they will acquire the modest fortune of a malicious and impoverished person.
  • If one dreams of a monkey caressing, speaking to, or gesturing at them, it means an enemy will pretend to be friendly but will harm them.
  • If someone receives a monkey as a gift and brings it into their house, they will take in a sneaky, unknown person.
  • If someone makes a monkey dance in front of people, they will subdue their enemy and toy with them.
  • In general, the monkey symbolizes a malicious but impotent enemy, and whatever happens to the animal, whether adverse or good, will be fulfilled in the dreamer’s life.
  • Seeing one: Signifies an embarrassing encounter; also, fear of one’s own bad traits; also, someone is competing with you – be cautious.
  • Seeing several: Flatterers will deceive or betray you – a warning against false friends.
  • Seeing one running or climbing: Committing or experiencing all kinds of follies.
  • Seeing climbing and playing: Dealing with silly people.
  • If it plays with us or makes faces: Surrounded by frivolous people, or facing one’s own foolishness.
  • Seeing dancing: Joy and cheer await you.
  • Teasing: You have hurt someone unknowingly.
  • Seeing grooming: Brings luck in the lottery.
  • Seeing doing acrobatics: Obstacles lie ahead; once overcome, things will improve.
  • Seeing eating: You are in danger of losing something dear to you – stay alert.
  • Killing: You will destroy a persistent opponent.


  • This symbol warns of a false friend to whom one has confided too much. It is important to be very cautious, to identify and avoid the false friend, and to be more careful in the choice of friends and in one’s statements in the future. One should pay more attention to their associations. (Woman and Men )


  • Seeing: Flatterers are trying to deceive you; undeserved belief is given to them.
  • If a monkey plays with us or makes faces: One should observe their own ‘animal instincts’.
  • Seeing several monkeys or playing with them: You will likely soon experience disappointment through flattering false friends.
  • Seeing one running or climbing: One will commit or experience all kinds of foolishness.
  • Climbing monkeys promise success, especially in a love relationship.
  • Chasing: Signifies annoyance.
  • Seeing one dance: Adversities.
  • Seeing several dance: Joy and cheerfulness await you.
  • Teasing: Unknowingly hurting someone.
  • Being bitten by them: Making a fool of oneself.
  • Killing a monkey: Likely to win a dispute if attentive enough; destroying a persistent opponent.
  • Dead: The withdrawal of your worst enemy.
  • A young woman dreaming of one: She should marry quickly as her fiancĂ© suspects her of infidelity.
  • A young woman herself feeding one in a dream: She is falling for a flatterer’s charm.


  • Seeing [a monkey] on the tree: Do not believe flatterers!
  • Playing: Despite your age, you seem to be doing thoughtless things.
  • Playing with them: It appears that you will soon turn a friend into an enemy.
  • Killing: If you remain vigilant, you can still emerge as the victor from your dispute.
  • Being scratched: Your soul is suffering, master your emotions.

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