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The Dream Meanings of Pharmacys

January 28, 2024


A warning sign! In a dream, the pharmacy generally represents an emergency situation and a request to make more effort to look after your physical and mental health. It can also signal a cry for help or a desire for help. Having a prescription already promises advice and help. In a figurative sense, it can also signal something that we thought we had long forgotten. However, it can also stand for a loss of money because your plans were ill-conceived due to self-deception.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Beware of usurers! If you continue this way, there will be a severe setback. Pay attention to the warning in your dream!
  • Seeing: Unfortunate coincidences.
  • Standing in front of its door or going inside: Always a warning to take care of one’s health.
  • Being inside: Adversities caused by enemies.


  • Seeing from a distance: One should not completely lose hope.
  • Seeing from the outside: Possibility of a wealthy marriage; also, if one asks the right people for advice, help will be provided.
  • Going inside: Signifies health for the sick and an impending illness for the healthy.
  • Going inside and buying medicine: Financial loss.


  • Be careful and do not associate with bad people who do not deserve trust.
  • A pharmacy has little to do with illnesses but much to do with financial matters.
  • Seeing: Indicates an upcoming marriage.
  • Entering: Financial losses.

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