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The Dream Meanings of Rabbits

January 6, 2024


According to mythology, the fertile power of the moon (see there), which rules over plants and water and also indicates the times of the woman. The hare is generally interpreted as a symbol of fertility – this can refer to sexual potency and erotic adventures, but also to spiritual activity or the life of the soul. Anyone who sees a hare in a dream will be more concerned with quantity than quality in their intimate waking life. This animal is to be interpreted more harmlessly than the rat and the mouse, as an inner cowardice that should be overcome. It is difficult to catch because of its hooked running style and its speed; you have to grab it in a flash – and this need to grab it is often the lesson that many dreams of the hare want to teach. If you shoot a hare, in men’s dreams this probably describes the desire to finally reach the goal with a sex bunny. In women’s dreams, the soft fall of the rabbit symbolizes a pronounced need for tenderness. Shooting a hare or eating roast hare is a symbol of good luck.


A lunar animal of fertility and renewal of life.

Cutural Interpretations


  • Hares symbolize courtesans and women who dress up, wear makeup, and color themselves.
  • If someone encounters a hare, they will meet such a woman.
  • If one skins a hare, they will exploit the woman’s wealth for their benefit.
  • If someone eats hare meat, they will amass significant wealth from the woman but may also fall ill.
  • If one chases a hare in a dream, they may fall in love with a courtesan and pursue her. If they catch the hare, their passionate desires will be fulfilled; if not, the woman may hold a grudge, embittering their life.
  • Seeing a hare in general: approach tasks cautiously to avoid losses.
  • Seeing but unable to reach a hare: luck will elude you.
  • Shooting a hare: luck in gambling but potential trouble through acquaintances with reckless individuals, possibly losing a good friend.
  • Eating hare meat: leading a contented life and gaining wealth.
  • Finding a hare’s fur: receiving a significant sum of money from a courtesan, as hares are hermaphrodites.
  • For a woman stroking a hare: expressing a desire for a child.
  • Seeing playful hares: beware of spreading gossip!
  • Hare’s foot: overcoming inhibitions and achieving success.


  • Symbol of lust and fertility, suggesting indulgence in forbidden pursuits and prey.
  • Stable hares: indicate a reliable but not particularly intelligent business partner.
  • Seeing a hare: anticipate fear of something.
  • Seeing a sitting hare: receive sound advice.
  • Seeing playful hares: caution against spreading others’ gossip.
  • Seeing a fleeing hare: sudden fright.
  • If it runs away from you: something valuable will mysteriously disappear.
  • For a man, chasing a hare: suggests association with immoral women, seeking a love affair.
  • Chasing a hare: indicates seeking an adventure.
  • Chased by dogs: foretells disputes among friends.
  • Catching a hare: signifies victory in a competition.
  • Shooting a hare: family troubles, potential loss of a good friend, or forced defense of rightful property with violent means.
  • Dead hare: may signify the death of a friend.
  • Eating hare meat: implies secrets and contentment.
  • For a man: desire for a ‘female hare’ or a romantic encounter.
  • When women dream of petting a hare: signifies a wish for children.


  • Seeing: seize your luck quickly.
  • Shooting: minor accident during a journey.
  • Eating: discord with friends.
  • Observing a male hare: satisfaction.

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