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The Dream Meanings of Scorpions

January 4, 2024


Scorpio can embody aggression, sarcasm, cynicism or malice – often this is due to bitterness over a disappointment that has not yet been dealt with. Comments made by fellow human beings have hurt the dreamer. He thinks the whole world is like this and wants to get back at it in kind (sting).

Medicine wheel

Keywords: power,- sting,- poison,- danger,- transformation. Description: The scorpion, a spider-like animal, is found mainly in the warmer parts of the world. It has a pair of grasping claws at the front end and a long, segmented tail with a poisonous sting at the end. The scorpion’s sting can sometimes be fatal, but is generally only painful for adults. General meaning: Your power,- one that can sting,- a power that can poison you or others,- the actual state of things. Association: The zodiac sign Scorpio. Transcendent meaning: The gift of a power in the dream state, but it must be handled with care as it can sting before it is fully understood.


The crab-like arachnid also extends its poisonous sting against us in dreams. With this image, the unconscious probably wants to warn us of a secret enemy that could harm us. Usually the scorpion cannot be seen at all, we only hear about it and still fear its sting. The scorpion is a similar dream symbol to the spider, but it lacks the feminine aspect. The scorpion is more of an image of male, aggressive power.


Scorpions indicate evil subjects.


It is a deadly enemy of man and a sign of diabolical powers that endanger life and salvation.

Cultural Interpretations


  • The scorpion signifies a malicious enemy with a dubious reputation. Deception and cunning surround you; recognize that not everyone around you is a friend.
  • If one dreams of being stung by a scorpion, it predicts harm and illness from such an adversary. However, repaying them with kindness may bring about positive outcomes.
  • Killing a scorpion suggests eliminating a person of similar nature.
  • Eating the flesh of a scorpion in a dream, especially after killing it, symbolizes acquiring the possessions of the individual represented by the scorpion.
  • Intimidating others with a scorpion in a dream indicates issuing threats and sowing discord. This interpretation applies to lizards, roxes, and other reptiles.
  • Beware of the weapons your enemies possess.


  • Seeing a newt or salamander indicates hidden enmity and false friends aiming for your wealth.
  • Being stung by one signifies significant harm from a concealed adversary.
  • Unable to kill a newt suggests impending severe losses.
  • Killing a newt signifies a positive turn after prolonged conflicts in a partnership. You will share many happy hours with your partner and jointly overcome future challenges.


  • You will have to suffer punishment.

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