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The Dream Meanings of Siblings

January 8, 2024


Siblings can sometimes warn of quarrels with relatives in dreams. However, they are often interpreted individually.


In the dream, people who have different opinions get along.
  • In the case of the man, it is the shadows of the soul’s ego, represented in the form of a brother, who embody the vulnerability but also the unconsciously valuable aspects.
  • For the woman, the sister represents the shadow of her own ego, while the brother represents the inner male emotional world.
  • Arguments with siblings are translated into everyday frustration, seen as a deterioration of the current situation.
  • When speaking of or with siblings in dreams, it should be taken as a warning not to get entangled in misunderstandings.
  • If one loses siblings in a dream, it may eventually lead to a difficult situation.

Cultural Inetrpretations


  • Seeing or speaking: Unpleasantness, quarrels, and disputes with relatives. (42,- 67)
  • Seeing them die: Misfortune and a death in the family.


  • Seeing: Signifies luck, brings a surprise, and promises a long life.
  • Talking to them: Indicates the loss of the same.
  • Having many of them: A good omen, suggesting new ideas and a lot of ambition to pursue them, with great success on the horizon.
  • Seeing deceased ones: Promises a long and healthy life.
  • Arguing with them: Indicates conflicting feelings about one’s own personality.


  • Seeing: Unpleasantness with relatives.
  • Seeing deceased individuals: You must be cautious because death is lurking for you.

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