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The Dream Meanings of Skunks

January 10, 2024

Medicine wheel

Keywords: repulsive,- stench,- sight,- messenger. Description: The skunk is black with white stripes and a gland from which it sprays a foul-smelling substance up to five meters away to ward off attackers. Once an animal has been sprayed by a skunk, it will do its best to avoid other animals in future – no matter how aggressive it behaves in other ways. The skunk’s odorant not only smells terrible, it also burns the eyes and temporarily blinds the victim. A skunk sprays when it is surprised, wants to protect itself or is still very young and cannot yet properly assess dangerous situations. Skunks do not move very quickly and prefer night to day. They often stay underground. The skunk is regarded as a messenger who observes what happens between the individual kingdoms of creation and informs the other animals of possible changes. General meaning: What you do to repel people,- what makes you unpopular with other people,- your defense tactics. Association: A deceitful or disreputable person. Transcendent meaning: Skunks bring a direct message from the Creator or from the animal kingdom.

Cultural Interpretations


  • You are dealing with bad people.

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