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The Dream Meanings of Snow

January 3, 2024


Snow is crystallized water and a symbol that an idea or a project is taking on a concrete form. Snow often appears when there are emotional problems, perhaps warning of their suppression or indicating that they are cooling down but can be revitalized. Sometimes it also represents ageing, which can be associated with fear of impotence in men. When it melts, it can represent the softening of a hardened heart.


Snow, the shroud of nature, in a dream can be an indication of emotional coldness or frigidity (coldness of heart), as well as the fear of impotence and loneliness. In colloquial language, the word can also refer to certain drugs. Only a few snow dreams have positive things to say (see snowball fight). If we sink into the snow, for example, the feeling for someone we thought we loved has grown cold. Even the ancient Egyptian dream researchers claimed that anyone who saw snow was in for a change in their personal circumstances, and that if you waded laboriously through snow, you would be in trouble in the foreseeable future.


On a spiritual level, snow in dreams can symbolize purity, beauty and the melting away of difficulties.


If one sees ice and snow at the appropriate time of year, it is without foreboding, for while the body sleeps, the soul remembers only the icy cold of the day. Seen at another time of the year, they are only of use to farmers; to other people they indicate that their projects and planned undertakings will be rather frosty, and they prevent travel.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Snow, hail, and ice in dreams symbolize troubles, worries, and anguish – secret desires will not come true.
  • If one dreams of a place or land where it usually doesn’t snow, and it is covered with loose snow, the residents will experience a poor harvest. If dense snow has fallen, enemies will besiege the people in large numbers corresponding to the size of the place. If it normally snows there, the affliction will be even harsher and more severe. If observed in winter, the hardship will be easier to endure; if in summer, it will be more difficult and troublesome.
  • Snowy mountain: you are perplexed and need a good friend.
  • (As a large area) Seeing it: empty promises will be made to you.
  • Wading through it: falling ill, and also overcoming obstacles.
  • Seeing snowflakes: positive news in business matters, also reassurance and comfort from friends.
  • Encountering or seeing a snowstorm: being exposed to difficulties – wait until the situation becomes clearer.
  • Snowmelt: good prospects for imminent success, also emerging from distress soon.


  • Question of potency – nature sleeps or is dead – coolness, coldness – the season represents the age of life – promises happiness and blessings, especially if such a dream occurs in summer. Also, some wishes may not come true, as some things are ‘a thing of the past.’
  • Seeing falling snow (snowstorm): promises news that heralds a better fate for the future.
  • Seeing thick flakes falling from the sky: in private life, some issues need resolution.
  • Seeing large white snowflakes through the window: foretells an annoying conversation with a partner, and estrangement will be intensified by financial worries.
  • Being in a snowstorm: difficult times are to be endured, but one will overcome them.
  • Being snowed in or lost: constant waves of misfortune will keep coming.
  • Seeing it over the landscape: promises a cozy home.
  • Seeing snow-covered mountains in the distance: warns that desires and aspirations may not bring worthwhile progress.
  • Sunshine in the snowy landscape: one will shake off misfortune and regain power.
  • Snowball fights: dealing with dishonorable problems – without forming a well-founded judgment, one may suffer defeat.
  • Eating snow: one will not realize their ideals.
  • Dirty snow: personal pride will be hurt, and solace will be sought from a person you despise.
  • Melting snow: fears will transform into joys.


  • Seeing: you will have to change your plans – a change in circumstances.
  • Being rubbed with it: awaken from your lethargy.
  • Wading through it: you will face distress.
  • Seeing it fall: obstacles.
  • Falling into it: business difficulties.
  • Seeing it melt: good prospects.
  • In large heaps: luck.
  • Snow, dazzling white: Your concern for purity is somewhat exaggerated.
  • Disturbed and dirty: something burdens the conscience.

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