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The Dream Meanings of Stocks / Shares

January 12, 2024


The share as a dream symbol refers to an ability or characteristic of the dreamer that brings him advantages. Furthermore, the share can also appear as a dream symbol for wealth. Whoever invests them in a dream is looking for security in a delicate situation, whoever destroys or sells them does not want to rely on false friends or advisors. According to the traditional interpretation, buying or owning shares in a dream indicates financial losses, while selling them promises financial success. However, this meaning is questionable and is probably more related to widespread reservations about this seemingly ‘unsafe’ investment. If the shares burn with dark smoke, there is also a threat of financial losses, whereas if the flames are bright, there is a threat of financial and professional success – these interpretations are more realistic due to the additional symbolism of smoke and flames.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Trading with them: Indicates uncertainties in business matters; one is about to take risks that may not always be without danger.
  • Buying in general: You should choose the safe path and think about your future, then you will be successful.
  • Buying specific ones deliberately: You will fall in love.


  • Buying, trading with, or just seeing [stocks]: Warning dream! Financial losses; business worries due to uncertainty; one is about to take risks that may not always be risk-free.
  • Owning: Indicates economic success.
  • Selling: Financial success; improved circumstances.
  • Burning with dark smoke: Financial, material losses.
  • Burning with bright red flames: Financial and professional successes.

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