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The Dream Meanings of Tattoos

January 7, 2024


A tattoo in a dream can indicate the individuality of the dreamer. He draws the attention of others to his uniqueness and wants them to show him respect. Getting a tattoo in a dream has a similar meaning to body painting, but the decisive difference is the permanence of the tattoo. In other words, a conscious and final decision was made. What kind of tattoo was it? Purely decorative? Then you feel the need to do something lasting for your image/appearance. Or was it a name, a motto, a recognizable symbol? Then it may not relate to image and appearance at all, but rather to the desire to create a lasting memorial to a memory or an important fact in waking life. A dream in which you have a tattoo removed draws your attention to the fact that it is a long and arduous (and painful) process to remove something or someone from your life, which you are obviously in the process of doing. If you are very conscious of the tattoo, sexual overtones may resonate.


A tattoo in a dream can symbolize a situation or an experience that has left an indelible impression. These can be both negative and positive memories. What exactly it is about can sometimes be interpreted on the basis of the tattooed image.


On a spiritual level, a tattoo in a dream can be an indication of a group identity.

Cultural Interpretations


  • tattooing: you will be admired.


  • Seeing on your own body: a problem will keep you away from home for a long time.
  • Seeing on others: you will arouse envy through unusual love affairs.
  • Seeing a tattoo artist: you will alienate yourself from friends due to a tendency for strange practices.

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