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The Dream Meanings of Teachers

January 12, 2024


For most people, the teacher is the first authority figure they encounter outside the family. Teachers have a profound influence on children, and many people continue to dream about their teachers even after they have finished school. A teacher can provoke conflict if their views are completely different from those the child receives from home. Such conflicts may have to be resolved in later years with the help of dreams. The teacher may ask the child to recognize himself better or to gather more information on a matter. Occasionally he announces problems or warns against know-it-all attitude. In dreams, the dreamer often encounters teachers known or unknown to him from his youth. They point out that the school of life lasts a lifetime and still give the dreamer lessons that he should take seriously and follow, because the teacher in the dream usually has a helpful spiritual task. The teachings of the teachers appearing in dreams often refer to behaviors that the dreamer neglects in waking life. Often an actual problem can be solved by following these teachings.


As such, he is an archetypal figure of authority, sometimes a wise man whose guidance we often do not follow because we simply lack the strength, then again our own father, the policeman, the boss or the old man whose opinion we should make our own. Often it is simply the unconscious that wants to prove us wrong. If the dreamer is looking for guidance, Animus or Anima can appear in the dream as a teacher. Often these opposite-sex figures take on the role of the principal (someone who ‘knows better’). Unless there is a relationship from school days, the teachers who appear in male dreams are usually male. If a female teacher appears in the dream, things are different: female teachers can indicate buried sadistic or masochistic traits. Perhaps it would not be so unpleasant for the dreamer if he were to be punished. Or perhaps he himself feels the need to chastise someone. However, the teacher usually warns of a deadlocked situation and wants to show us a viable way forward. If the teacher is particularly strict in the dream, the situation in the waking world is very serious.In dreams, you often have a known or unknown teacher look into your notebook, and then in waking life what you would like to hide is revealed. Even the ancient Egyptians believed that anyone who saw a teacher in a dream would be warned against recklessness. In exam dreams, by the way, he is usually only a marginal figure to give the dream image a framework.


A spiritual teacher appears in a person’s dream or life when they are ready. There is a saying, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will come’. Often the spiritual teacher does not take on the role of the old sage or wise old woman that is appropriate to the dreamer’s understanding.

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing or speaking [with a teacher]: You can expect reprimands, rebukes, and criticisms due to carelessness, which could also lead to significant losses; also, someone is imposing rules on you at work.
  • Speaking with one: It is high time to address problems that have been neglected.


  • Facing an examination and doubting whether everything will be done correctly.
  • Seeing [a teacher]: A warning against thoughtless and reckless actions.
  • Interacting with him: You will find joy and benefit in studying a problem.
  • Speaking with one: It is high time to resolve old, unfinished problems.
  • Being taught: Annoyance over trivial matters.
  • Teaching something: An invitation to a celebration.
  • Being a teacher yourself: Wanting to know better than others; also, achieving the desired success in literary or other works.


  • Seeing [a teacher]: Sometimes you act foolishly; don’t be reckless.
  • Speaking: You were planning to separate from a loved one.

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