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The Dream Meanings of the Sun

January 11, 2024

Medicin Wheel

Keywords: The center of a solar system,- the masculine,- heat,- warmth,- light. Description: A sun is a white-hot celestial body orbited by planets. The sun supplies the planets with energy, light and heat and is necessary for their continued existence. For earthbound peoples, the sun was their father of life, just as they saw the earth as their mother of life. The two were mutually dependent in order to sustain life. In many modern religions, the sun god of the earth religions became the son of God. Father Sun is the position in the inner circle of the medicine wheel that is associated with the elements fire and air, the mineral druse, the plant sunflower, the animal lizard and the color sky blue. General meaning: Recognizing what is at the center of your life,- understanding what gives you energy,- knowledge of the masculine. Association: Sunburn,- summer. Transcendental meaning: A dream journey to the source of your life energy. Huichol teaching: A dream that leads you to the sun means that you bring light into your life in order to be happy.


The sun in a dream refers to warmth and awareness. A sunny day stands for a happy mood. If the dreamer is facing the sun, this indicates that he is seeking enlightenment. The sun symbolizes a conscious life, which should be shaped with energy and drive – at the same time it promises success, joie de vivre and health. If you stand in the sunshine, it indicates greater prestige. If the sun sets, it promises the successful conclusion of a matter. The blood-red sun, on the other hand, heralds serious problems.


In ancient times, the sun was the supreme deity. This can be deduced from its important significance for all living things. In dreams, the sun always indicates a creative energy that initiates or causes spiritual, artistic or consciousness-raising processes. The positive (masculine) power of the soul, energy symbol of life, the creative, the fertilizing, because in most cultures the sun is seen as masculine. Where it rises in a dream, success can be expected in all areas of life. Where it sets, a phase of happiness leads to everyday life. The radiant power of the sun illuminates our consciousness and prepares us for new and good deeds. Only the scorching sun of the desert can burn, heralding suffering and the end of all things. It is said that those who see the sun setting particularly beautifully and blood-red in their dreams can expect a beautiful old age. If a dream is about a sun dance, the dreamer may want to praise the sun for its all-encompassing power and energy. The dreamer uses the sun for orientation and its energy as a source of vitality.


On this level, the sun can symbolize spiritual enlightenment. It is a manifestation and revelation of the deity, immortal, a source of light, warmth and life. Things are recognizable through it.

Cultura Interpretations


  • The sun undoubtedly signifies the person of the emperor.
  • If someone dreams of getting close to the sun or grasping it, the emperor will favor them as much as they approached the sun. A woman who has this dream will become an empress. If the emperor has this dream, he will subdue another ruler. If someone fights or argues with the radiant sun, they will rise against the emperor. A common man will be punished by the emperor in this case.
  • If one dreams that they are emitting rays like the sun, they will attain the imperial crown according to the brilliance of the light. The emperor will also show greater glory in his majesty. The same interpretation applies to a woman.
  • If a woman dreams of giving birth to a sun, she will give birth to an emperor, regardless of her social status.
  • If it seems to someone in a dream that rays are emanating from them, making it impossible for people to look at them, they will also become an emperor.
  • If someone holds the sun globe in their hands, but it does not emit rays, they will recover and become happy if they were previously ill or in distress. A powerful person will disrespect the emperor, and the emperor will hold a powerful king or prince captive.
  • If it appears to someone that the sun is exceptionally illuminating their house with its rays, the emperor will bring them joy and wealth, similar to the sunlight. If the emperor sees the sun or the sun disk entering his palace, he will conceive an heir to the throne. A great lord or a common man will be elevated and blessed, and they may soon receive the emperor himself in their house.
  • If someone despises the sun that has come to them, they will seek to harm the emperor.
  • If one dreams that the sunshine warms them on the way, they will gain as much wealth from the emperor as the sun provided warmth. However, if the sunburns them excessively in the dream, the dreamer will suffer damage accordingly.
  • If someone sees the sun in the sky without light and rays, it foretells misfortune and disgrace for the emperor. If a prince has this dream, he will underestimate the emperor.
  • If someone thinks that the people also see the sun as they do in the dream, even ordinary people will speak ill of the emperor.
  • A solar eclipse will bring distress and wartime for the emperor. If the sun shines again in pure light, he will either triumph or be defeated.
  • Dreaming that the sun is obscured by clouds predicts adversity and illness for the emperor, corresponding to the obscuration of the sun.
  • If someone sees the sun rising radiantly in their bed, if they are single, they will marry a wealthy woman. If they are already married, they will fall in love with a wealthy woman and, through her influence, bask in the emperor’s favor. Furthermore, they will attain dignity and majesty similar to the brilliance of light.
  • If the sun is veiled by weak clouds, fewer pressing hardships and illnesses will afflict the emperor. When the sun regains its full light, he will regain health and confidence.
  • From all this, one can recognize that the sun is a symbol of the emperor. Depending on whether one benefits or suffers from it in the dream, they should expect the corresponding outcome from the emperor.
  • If someone dreams that the sun, moon, and all the stars are gathered in one place with their light, and they feel they have power over them, they will become an emperor or become so powerful that they can rule the emperor and the empire according to their will. In this dream, the emperor will subdue all enemy nations, and a woman will become a ruler in the emperor’s palace.
  • If a person of high rank dreams that the sun, moon, and stars are gathered without any light, and they have power over them, they will be completely exposed to destruction and ruin due to the darkness. The emperor will be besieged and embroiled in great distress.
  • The sun signifies the head emperor. If the person experiencing these dreams is in the emperor’s land or provinces, everything will come to pass for the emperor. However, if they are in a foreign land, it applies to the ruling leader of that land.


  • Strong energy symbol – but for seriously ill individuals, dreams of too much sun and light are a bad omen. It is the oldest wish dream of man for strength and energy. For women, it symbolizes strength and optimism.
  • Seeing the sun rise golden and beautiful is an auspicious dream. It foretells orders, honors, distinctions, wealth, and a happy marriage.
  • A clear, radiant sunrise heralds joy and prosperity.
  • Seeing the sun rise blood-red indicates that you will have to fight a tough battle in the near future.
  • Seeing the sun shine brightly in the sky promises very good days in every respect.
  • Seeing the sun stand blood-red in the sky suggests a difficult period ahead.
  • At noon, the sun signifies the fulfillment of desires and boundless contentment.
  • Sunset suggests that joy and prosperity have reached their peak and reminds you to take renewed interest in your interests.
  • Seeing the sun setting indicates losses and falling into disfavor. It may also symbolize the golden gate, the entrance to death, but in peace and hopeful anticipation.
  • Seeing the sun shining brightly in the evening signifies success in all undertakings and the flourishing of business.
  • Seeing the sun reflected in water suggests empty promises, illusory happiness, or superficial success.
  • Seeing the sun shining into a room brings happy hours at home.
  • Seeing the sun shining into a bed indicates a long illness.
  • Seeing the sun disappear behind clouds suggests temporary sorrow.
  • Seeing the sun shining through clouds indicates that troubles and difficulties will no longer dominate life, and prosperity is near.
  • Seeing the sun covered by clouds signifies grief and suffering, changes in position and place.
  • Seeing the sun appear blood-red in foggy air recommends seeking refuge in the Creator.
  • Looking dark or experiencing a solar eclipse in the dream suggests stormy times ahead, but they will pass.
  • Seeing the sun move abnormally fast across the sky or plummeting down indicates an impending catastrophe.


  • Seeing the sun rise blood-red: A death in the family.
  • Seeing the sun shining: You will receive a public office or position.
  • Seeing the sun set: With a little luck, you will be able to execute your plan.
  • Seeing it obscured: You will suffer losses.
  • Seeing the sun and the moon simultaneously in the sky: Significant upheavals are being prepared.

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