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The Dream Meanings of Traffic Light

January 27, 2024


A symbol of movement and order (law) in equal measure. Green traffic light: A sign of encouragement. Those who see it can hope that a light will soon dawn on them so that they can bring a problem or a difficult task to a good end. Red traffic light: A call to pause, to wait – just like ‘in real life’! Something is going around in our heads that could indicate a pathological condition. Signals that change far too quickly are a symbol of disorientation, momentary confusion. Or you have decided (under pressure?) to do something that ‘normally’ goes wrong. The dream should make you aware that you have taken a high risk.

Cultural Interpretations


  • a burning one: always signifies an impending event that will bring sorrow.


  • Generally: a warning – if one continues to think only of oneself, it will have negative consequences,
  • A red glowing one: Stop! Caution! Hold! One should reconsider their plans,
  • A yellow glowing one: an upcoming event brings sorrow with it,
  • A green glowing one: all clear for a planned venture,
  • If its light disappears: disappointment in prospect, sorrow,
  • Flashing: caution is advised,
  • You or someone else turns off the traffic light: the danger is over, improvements in the current situation will soon occur,
  • Without light: secret romantic happiness, joy and happiness,
  • In a brightly glowing red housing: indicates an emerging love,
  • Wearing a traffic light upside down: uncertainties, possibly disturbances in the brain,
  • Flower basket: promises delightful gifts if it shines in bright colors.

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