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The Dream Meanings of Water

January 8, 2024

Medicine Wheel

Keywords: Cleansing, transforming, emotions, sensuality, sexuality, moon energy, Frog Clan. Description: Water, connected in the inner circle of the Medicine Wheel with the Frog Clan, is a transparent liquid composed of hydrogen and oxygen. In its liquid state, it fills the rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans of the world. Frozen, it becomes ice. Heated water transforms into steam. General Meaning: Your emotional being and your connection with the element of water – your sensuality, your sexuality, the feminine aspect of your nature, your connection to the powers of the moon. A dream about standing water indicates that you are in a gentle, calm phase of life. Moving water, such as in a stream, suggests that your emotional world is undergoing changes. Rapidly rushing water, like in a waterfall or the waves of the sea, indicates that you are entering a phase of rapid changes, a threshold in life where you must let go of all control and enjoy the flow of life force. Dreaming of the surf breaking on the shore means recognizing how your feelings interact with your physical reality. A dream of large waves rolling towards the shore can indicate upcoming crucial emotional events. How you feel when waves roll towards the shore indicates whether you can expect a time of happiness, fear, or understanding. Dreams of large waves can also be a reminder of past lives or other worlds that were cleansed by the power of water. Association: Wetness, thirst, life-giving, feelings, Aquarius zodiac sign. Transcendent Meaning: An initiation dream, especially one that deals with your feelings. Huichol Teaching: White foam crowns on ocean waves mean love, creation; walking on water signifies the desire to create something new.


Water is commonly understood in dream interpretation as a symbol of everything emotional and feminine. It’s a mysterious substance because it can flow through, over, and around things. Whatever obstructs it, it can destroy. Also, the potential of the dreamer and their ability to create a new life out of their own inner needs can be symbolized by water. Water is a primal symbol that generally embodies one’s own soul life, including both conscious and unconscious content. The individual meaning arises from the accompanying circumstances of the dream, especially the following details:

  • Clear water represents a balanced, harmonious state as a prerequisite for happiness, success, and love.
  • Turbid or dirty water expresses unfavorable emotional processes often associated with insecurity, materialistic attitudes, lack of self-knowledge, or characteristics and thoughts rejected as ‘impure.’
  • Agitated water announces ‘stormy’ times filled with worries and excitements.
  • Seeing one’s own or others’ reflection in water warns of self-deception, illusions, or deception by others.
  • Walking on water indicates that one has conquered a dangerous element. This suggests safety during sea voyages. In general, it predicts happiness. In marriage, it signifies happiness. In legal matters, one is likely to win easily because of strong arguments. This dream is especially advantageous for politicians, as the water represents the population of the country.
  • Drinking cold water has a good meaning. It suggests that the dreamer is living in harmony with their body’s needs and paying attention to their health. On the other hand, if the water is warm, it could be a sign of illness or a burdensome, unbalanced lifestyle.


Both mythology and modern evolutionary theory see water as the origin of all life. It is also of utmost importance for the maintenance of life, giving it a maternal-feminine aspect. In dreams, water is a symbol of the unconscious psychic energy. This symbol of the unconscious is both a giver and sustainer of life. When water is calm or flowing, the dream resolution is always positive. However, once it oversteps its bounds, floods or inundates the surroundings, it signifies danger that needs to be interpreted from other symbols. Clear water indicates happiness, while murky water suggests an unfortunate turn in life. Water also stands for purification, as it can cleanse people from internal and external contaminations of everyday life. It frees the baptized from their past ‘sins,’ including those inherited from family. Entering water in a dream signifies the start of something new. Deep water suggests that the dreamer either loses their footing or delves into their unconscious. Women often dream about water, particularly intensely if they have experienced pregnancy: the movements of the child in the amniotic fluid are imprinted in the subconscious and easily trigger water dreams. For women who have not experienced pregnancy, a dream about water can express the desire for a complete life change. If a woman sees herself swimming enjoyably in a dream, it indicates a healthy, positive attitude towards sexuality.


Water symbolizes spiritual rebirth – the power of life. Water plays such a significant role in dreams and takes on so many different meanings that only a limited number of possibilities can be considered here.

  • Being in water can symbolize pregnancy and birth.
  • Flowing water embodies peace and well-being.
  • In contrast, rapidly flowing water represents passion.
  • Deep water refers to the unconscious.
  • Shallow water indicates a lack of life energy.
  • Diving into water expresses the need to renew one’s own strength and return to the origin.
  • Emerging from the water suggests a new beginning.
  • Being on the water, such as in a boat, may point to indecisiveness or a lack of emotional commitment.
  • Lying motionless in water might mean laziness.

Other images related to water are

  • Bathing symbolizes purification.
  • The well represents femininity and especially the Great Mother.
  • Dams, islands, and other obstacles express the conscious attempt to control the power of water – and thus emotions.
  • Drowning illustrates the tendency of the dreamer to suppress unpleasant things into the unconscious, from where they can return powerfully and threaten to overwhelm the dreamer.
  • Floods represent the chaotic side in the dreamer, which is usually uncontrollable and therefore demands their full attention.
  • Channels symbolize the process of birth.
  • The sea stands for cosmic consciousness, that is, the original chaos from which all life emerges. It holds all knowledge, even if it may be obscured by human fear of the depths (what one understands, one does not fear).
  • A shallow sea symbolizes superficial feelings.
  • The sea surf embodies feelings and desire.
  • A calm sea embodies a peaceful existence,
  • A stormy sea, on the other hand, represents both beneficial and detrimental passion.
  • Observing the ebb and flow in a dream means being aware of the passing of time as well as the increase and decrease of one’s own feelings.
  • A lake, like a pond, can stand for a phase of transition from the conscious to the spiritual self. If the dreamer unexpectedly arrives at this threshold, it can be an opportunity for them to understand and appreciate themselves.
  • Seeing one’s own reflection on the water demands reconciliation with the shadow. The dreamer must learn to accept that there are parts of themselves they do not particularly like, but which can give them a lot of energy if controlled.
  • Rivers and streams always represent life and the way it is led by the dreamer. It depends on their attitude whether they see their life as a wide river or a narrow stream.
  • A passing river stands for the feeling that life is passing too quickly.
  • Both sea and river together indicate the need for a major change or want to draw attention to the unconscious.
  • If it’s a very deep river, then the dreamer should pay more attention to the world around them and their relationship to it.
  • Crossing a river portends major changes.
  • If the river appears frightening, the dreamer may be creating unnecessary difficulties for themselves.
  • If the river appears poisoned, the dreamer is not doing the best for themselves.
  • Diving means delving into the unconscious or attempting to rediscover parts of the self that have been suppressed.


Drinking cold water brings good luck to everyone, but drinking warm water indicates illness or a standstill in business to all except those who are used to it, because drinking warm water is not natural.

Cultural Interpretations


  • If one drinks warm water, they will experience trouble and vexation corresponding to the heat of the water; for as cold water signifies happiness, hot water signifies misfortune.
  • Washing oneself with warm water will lessen their distress.
  • Drinking wine mixed with warm water foretells a heavy burden from the sovereign.
  • Wading in warm waters signifies strife with one’s servants.
  • Rinsing one’s mouth with warm water will bring family discontent; washing one’s face with warm water will make people angry at them, depending on the temperature of the water.
  • Clear water: having happy prospects in career and life; also, your love is true and sincere.
  • Turbid and foul water: falling into a miserable and desperate situation, facing obstacles; also, you are making bad deals, doubtful ventures.
  • Muddy water: getting into bad company.
  • Seeing it flowing: you need to keep up with the times, or you will be at a disadvantage.
  • Seeing it bubbling: your time has come, now you must act.
  • Hearing it roaring: you will be harshly judged; also, conflict and trouble.
  • Sprinkling oneself with it: joyful nonsense.
  • Drawing water: think about what you want to do.
  • Cold water: happiness.
  • Drinking cold, clear water: health, long life.
  • Drinking warm water: illness.
  • Drinking hot water: you will harm yourself with a speech.
  • Scalding oneself with boiling water: you will suffer damage through carelessness.
  • Seeing boiling water: you will be greatly troubled; you have a fiery temperament.
  • Boiling it oneself: the difficulties are not as great as they seem.
  • Overboiling: do not overlook an impending danger.
  • Spilling it: you are mistaken in a matter; also, you should be more secure.
  • Sinking in it: you will endure great oppression.
  • Wading through it: you will rescue yourself from danger.
  • Bathing in it: you will cleanse yourself of an accusation; also, lead a healthy life.
  • Seeing others bathing in it: you will reconcile with enemies.
  • Washing in it: your worries will disappear.
  • Walking on it: you will overcome all obstacles.
  • Holy water: health.


  • The state of the water corresponds to one’s own inner soul condition.
  • Seeing bright, clear water: promises happy days, success, and profit.
  • Turbid water: signifies sorrow and misfortune, indicates opaque or uncertain circumstances.
  • Frozen water: announces danger.
  • Falling into it: suggests great distress.
  • Wading through it: points to rescue from danger.
  • Walking along it: foretells success.
  • Spilling it: fear and sorrow.
  • Drinking warm water: enemies will cause trouble.
  • Drinking cold, clear water: devoted friends, fulfillment of reasonable hopes.
  • Drinking dirty water: foretells illness.
  • Drinking consecrated water: health.
  • Rising in one’s home: struggling against vice.
  • Receding in one’s home: not yielding to dangerous influences.
  • Scooping water and getting wet feet: anger, illness, and need will impose a heavy burden, but it will be overcome with vigilance. The same can occur with dirty water rising in ships.
  • Engaging in water sports: announces the sudden awakening of love and passion.
  • If the head is sprayed with water: the awakening of passionate love is mutual.
  • For a woman to swim enjoyably in water: a sign of a healthy attitude towards sexuality and a positive overall condition.
  • A dream told by a young woman and its manifestation in reality: “Without knowing how, I found myself in a boat. I waded through clear blue water to a boat at the dock, which was snow-white, but untreated and splintery. The next evening a charming man visited me, but he stayed beyond the time prescribed by mothers, and I was severely reprimanded for it.” In this symbol, the blue water and the white boat held disappointing prospects.


  • Seeing clear water: Love between spouses.
  • Boiling: You trust your friends too much.
  • Murky water: Indicates adultery.
  • Cold water: Your feelings are somewhat too cold.

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