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The Dream Meanings of Work/ Working

January 28, 2024


Work activities in dreams indicate that one is ‘not yet finished’ with one’s work. You take the burden and efforts of the day with you to bed, so to speak, where the unconscious has to deal with them. You have undertaken a lot and must now remain active and continue – even if you now have less motivation and desire to successfully realize this particular project. If you make an effort in a dream in order to achieve a goal, you are given a clue as to its importance. On the other hand, overexertion can also indicate self-punishment. Sometimes the symbol also encourages us to work harder in waking life, not to fiddle around. In a figurative sense, it also tests our performance in our relationships with the environment. Or we are encouraged to process emotional issues in such a way that we do not react thin-skinned when things get really tough. A woman who dreams of the efforts of childbirth should come to terms with her desire for pregnancy or children. Labor in a dream usually means the need to work on one’s personality. What is important with regard to the interpretation is whether you have worked yourself and what kind of work it was? Did you enjoy your work or did it give you satisfaction in any other way? Why did you do it? Who else did you work with? The answers to these questions help to interpret the dream correctly.


The twelve labors of Heracles supposedly represent the movements of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac. They also symbolize the hardships and efforts that man takes upon himself in order to realize himself

Cultural Interpretations


  • Seeing: Good business progress.
  • Taking on: What you plan is not easy, but you will succeed.
  • Performing in general: A favorable sign for a successful life.
  • Performing easy tasks: You will succeed in everything.
  • Performing hard tasks: Do not despair, you will overcome many things.
  • Giving tasks: You are through the worst and can rest yourself; you have succeeded.
  • Having others work for you: You will find yourself very busy and possibly exploited.


  • A favorable omen for success through personal effort and dedication.
  • Searching: Profit from an unexpected encounter.
  • Performing a task oneself (of any kind): A very favorable sign for a successful phase in life.
  • Having others work for you: Indicates the need for much more work to achieve success or even being exploited.
  • Seeing others at work: Surrounded by hopeful circumstances.
  • Delegating specific tasks to others: Profit.

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