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The Dream Meanings of Worms

January 3, 2024


In its elementary meaning, the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the dreamer’s gender and attitude to sexuality, the worm can be perceived as threatening. The worm stands for sexual and other instincts that one rejects and suppresses as ‘low’. In a broader sense, it can symbolize the past from which new things emerge, often similar to dung.


The invertebrate crawler that we see in the dream image can point to our helplessness in a particular case in waking life – because then we are a helpless worm. Or the worm eats something in the dream, which could indicate the ‘worm of conscience’ that is gnawing at us. Perhaps we are just ‘wormed’ by something when worms enter the distorted image of the night. As a dream image, the worm can also express feelings of inefficiency and insignificance (in relation to the dreamer or other people). If the worm is larger than a person, this indicates feelings of inferiority. If the dreamer is particularly struck by the little heap that appears when an earthworm eats soil and excretes it again, he is dealing with a transformational image. It shows him that he can change his life and make something more fruitful out of it. It is possible that the dream consciousness uses this image to refer to sexual desires that the dreamer considers immoral and to his feelings of guilt. The whole dream must be taken into account when interpreting this symbol.


Being handed over to the worms is a metaphor for death. The dreamer should therefore be prepared for the fact that changes may soon occur on the spiritual level.


A cyclic flute player dreamed that the soles of his feet were being eaten away by worms. He quit his job, stopped playing and taking part in competitions, and his feet became so weak, as if they were actually being eaten by worms, that he could no longer fill his place on the stage.

Cultural Interpretations


  • If one dreams of eating worms, they will acquire dependents and collect financial rents from them.
  • If a ruler dreams that his belly is filled with worms, he will assemble a weak army, sustain undeserving individuals, deplete his royal treasury, while a poor person may improve their situation but gain powerless patrons. If someone expels worms through their anus, they will be relieved of worries and bothersome people who served no purpose, freeing themselves from all their troubles. A poor individual may lose their patrons, and a woman may give birth to and raise an illegitimate child. If one dreams of removing worms from wounds, they may become richer but more miserly.
  • Seeing worms: experiencing repulsive things – through carelessness, you may expose yourself to inconvenience. The number of worms seen corresponds to the same number of friends who may gradually become unsympathetic. Beware of the threat from an unpleasant opponent – exercise caution with dishonest individuals and trust your intuition in decision-making. It’s time to free yourself from a burdensome problem.
  • Seeing one worm: signifies unfavorable outcomes, potential destruction of your plans, and a warning against new acquaintances.
  • Seeing an earthworm: a seemingly insignificant action will bring you gains.
  • Seeing worms in food: indicates the presence of a malicious enemy – be cautious, as the situation may be deceitful.
  • Killing worms: signifies liberation from an evil, bringing order to your home.


  • Not always straightforward – can also be interpreted erotically or sexually. The meaning is clear when it comes to worm-infested fruit, indicating harm through base intrigues of malicious enemies and the risk of contagious diseases.
  • Seeing worms: someone will intentionally or unintentionally cause harm – a friend or acquaintance may become increasingly unpleasant, potentially undermining your position. A strange premonition troubles you, yet details remain unclear – reconsidering your business plans would be advantageous.
  • Looking for worms for fishing: promises profit and success.
  • Using worms as fish bait: signifies the ability to leverage even hostile forces for personal benefit.
  • Seeing or having a tapeworm: indicates poor prospects for health and well-being.
  • If a young woman dreams of worms crawling over her, she may incline towards a marriage for financial gain. If she can shake off the creatures, she will break free from material lethargy and lead a good and meaningful life.


  • If one dreams that their stomach is filled with worms, feasting and thriving, it suggests a multitude of strangers will enter their home, staying until they become a nuisance. This vision can also foretell the emperor raising new troops, offering good pay, and a woman engaging in promiscuity, leading to pregnancy. If someone envisions their entire body teeming with voracious worms, they will involuntarily provide sustenance to others, and a poor person will gain wealth proportionate to the number of worms.
  • Seeing worms: anticipate good support.
  • Having worms: pay attention to your health.
  • Wood infested with worms (furniture): secret enmity will cause you harm.

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